Off-Campus Eats and Treats

For students getting sick of eating the same thing every day, Ogden has eclectic restaurant choices sprinkled throughout the city. If you’re in the mood for Greek, Italian, American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese or even Mongolian, you can find it near Weber State University.

Whether you’re grabbing food before, between or after classes (never during, right?), there are many types of cuisines to choose from. Here are five favorite restaurants near WSU to check out.

El Matador Restaurante and Cantina (2564 Ogden Ave.): El Matador offers a fun atmosphere and Mexican cuisine for an affordable price. They have been in business for 47 years and built a reputation as one of Ogden’s favorite restaurants. Their menu has a wide variety, making it easy to find something for everyone. The meal begins with complimentary chips and salsa, and customers can accessorize with mixed drinks (virgin or alcoholic) and desserts, all for a reasonable price.

Jake’s Over the Top (1225 Country Hills Dr.): Jake’s theme is that of a 1950s burgers-and-fries joint, and has pretty familiar menu options. It is in the vicinity of WSU, making is a quick stop for students. What they’re known for, though, are their massive shakes with ice cream overflowing the brim of your cup. If students are need of an ice-cream fix, they can grab a friend and head over to Jake’s to share a yummy shake.

Cafe Ville Bella (3679 Harrison Blvd.): Ever had a root beer cupcake? If not, make your way across the street to Cafe Ville Bella, a locally owned restaurant that offers delicious sandwiches, salads, soups, homemade cupcakes, and a variety of coffee and tea drinks. Ville Bella is a great place to stop by for lunch or a coffee beverage before that early-morning class or late-night study session.

The Pie Pizzeria (1225 E. Country Hills Dr.): The Pie is a great place to grab a quick slice for lunch or to gather as big of a group you can get together to devour their pizzas. The pizza sizes range from a medium 12-inch to a giant 23-inch. The pizza options seem endless; they even have a vegetarian pizza option. If everyone in the group doesn’t care for pizza, they can also choose from salads, pastas, subs and zappis (their version of calzones). Their sides also have an impressive variety with wings, breadsticks, garlic bread, and a plethora of drinks and desserts.

Maple Gardens (3798 Washington Blvd.): Maple Gardens has some delicious Chinese food, and is very affordable for a student budget. Their lunch specials range from $5-$7. Their portions are large, so leftovers from Maple Gardens are usually an option for tomorrow’s lunch. The menu options are comparable to other American-Chinese food restaurants, and the food is pretty tasty.

These are just a few of the excellent restaurants in the WSU area. All of these have takeout options if students are running between classes and need to make a quick stop. So, for any student in search of mixing up their lunchtime, they should check these restaurants out and continue to explore Ogden for other dining options.