Playin' on Purple — We are Weber athletics

Last year, the Weber State University Student Association’s goal was to put the “we” back into “Weber.” This year, the athletics marketing team has jumped on the “We are Weber” bandwagon.
This fall, all the posters say “We are Weber football,” “We are Weber soccer” and “We are Weber volleyball.” I think this is an excellent way to put more pride into the fact that we are Weber.
Our athletics might not be mainstream across the nation, or even across the state, but being mainstream will come eventually. Being a big name across the country is the main goal. But, going back to basic goal-setting principles, we need to set little goals to get to the big one.
The first little goal that needs to be set is to make WSU athletics a big deal at WSU. Every student, faculty, staff member and alumnus needs to be all about WSU sports. They need to be gung-ho and spread the Wildcat spirit to their friends and family. WSU love is contagious, but it is not the easiest thing to spread. It will take persistence, but it is possible. I know that we can do it.
Guess what? After we have spread the Wildcat spirit to our friends and family, they can spread it to the surrounding community. And that will bring us directly to goal No. 2: Make WSU athletics a bigger name in the O-Town community. Once the entire Ogden area believes we are a big deal, we can make sure the surrounding cities and schools will believe we are a big deal.
Once Ogden is under the influence of WSU, the next stop is the state of Utah. All the schools we play in Utah also need to consider us a serious threat. I know this sounds impossible, but it can happen!
The next goal we should have is to be taken seriously in our conference. The Big Sky is a good conference, and we need to make it so that all the other schools are afraid to play the purple and white. We need to be the best. When they come to our house, they need to be shaking in their boots because of all the WSU fans there. We will then conquer our conference.
After all this has happened, we can be a big name in the nation. Just Weber State will become The Weber State. Everyone will know our name. I could ramble forever about the big picture, the what-ifs, and be lost in a daydream where the Wildcats rule the nation, but it would be pointless at this moment in time, because, in order for my big dreams to come true, it has to start here, at WSU.
I love WSU. I have been an avid football follower since I was a freshman in high school. When they announced the new softball program, I knew that the program would be fun to keep track of. Hopping on the basketball bandwagon wasn’t hard. The team has incredible talent and is sure to make the game interesting and entertaining.
I want big things for WSU because I love it so much. I can’t do it alone, though. We need everyone to join in, spread the love and truly believe that we — the students, staff, employees and alumni — are Weber athletics.