Workshops at West

Justin Blackburn teaches “How to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones” at the West Center. The West Center offers free workshops to both students and members of the community.

The Weber State University West Center is hidden in Roy between a restaurant called Naturally Chinese and a Domino’s Pizza. Many students don’t know that it’s even there, let alone all of the services it offers.


“The bad part about our location is we’re in a strip mall and people don’t always know we’re here,” said Galynn Mook, WSU off-campus coordinator. “We’re just trying to get it out. The workshops are a big part of that, and that’s why I invite the community. Our mission is to be an educational resource for the community.”

Throughout the school year, the West Center will be offering free “Life and Learning Workshops” to WSU students, faculty and even community members who would like to join in. The workshops range from financial advice to date nights to how to improve memorization skills.

“I’ve been to quite a few workshops,” said WSU chemistry major Justin Nybo. “They had a love-language workshop in February, and they had a games date one that I attended. They’re really fun. They’ve definitely benefited me in my life because they helped with relationships.”

On June 23, the center hosted a workshop called “How to Turn Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones,” taught by Justin Blackburn, a former WSU student with a degree in psychology. This workshop focused on helping people change what is holding them back in their lives.

“We all have stumbling blocks; we all have things that get in our way,” Blackburn said. “Part of the reason you come to college is that things are in your way and you want to go somewhere.”

Even WSU students who aren’t enrolled in classes at the West Center are still welcome to use the services they offer. Students in the Roy area can save themselves a trip up to Ogden by using the testing center or computer lab located at the West Center.

The West Center mainly offers general education courses, but is on its way to expanding to upper division. This fall, the campus will offer 22 classes, Monday through Saturday.

The center has collaborated with other off-campus sites in Morgan and Kaysville to bring students Interactive Video Conferencing. This technology can bring several classrooms together using a video system. This way, professors can reach several different locations at once, and classes with small enrollment don’t have to be canceled. There are plans to incorporate back-to-school orientation and the workshops with other campuses using IVC.

Some other benefits offered to students include a study area, free math tutoring, academic advising, enrollment services, back-to-school orientation and free parking. Along with that, the campus offers Express ‘n’ Order textbook pickup and is within walking distance from a bus stop for those students using public transportation.

“Everybody here is just out to help the student,” Mook said. “We want to see them succeed. That’s the goal. Hopefully it’s a nice, quiet, educational area where students can come to work and learn more and have a little fun.”

For more information on the West Center and the workshops, students can stop by the campus at 5627 S. 3500 W. in Roy, or check out