New coach and assistants hired for women’s basketball team

WSU announced the hiring of new women’s basketball assistant coach Devan Newman. Source:

It is a time of transition for the Weber State University women’s basketball team. Following a difficult year last season, the team has brought in a new head coach and assistants. The new head coach is Bethann Ord, and the new assistants are Devan Newman and Margaret Richards.

Ord said she is hopeful for a good season in her first year as head coach, and she also emphasized that she wants her team to grow on and off the court this year.

“I am excited and looking forward to a great season and helping them prepare for the next phase of their academic life,” she said.

Ord said the women have been working very hard to be successful on the court and with their classes. During the summer, the team has been preparing for the next year and utilizing this time in the offseason to come together as a team.

“The girls are done with school, and we have been involved with camp currently,” Ord said. “They are excited about the upcoming year and we have all adjusted well.”

Ord said she is looking forward to a strong year with the WSU women’s basketball team.

Caela Mohre, a guard for the team, said she is excited about the team changes, and that it is exciting to have a new start to the year.

“I want to learn a different style of play than what has been done in the past,” Mohre said. “The changes will have to be very quick and up to speed so the changes can be made in a positive way.”

Mohre said the players have been coming together well, and that they hope to improve upon last season’s record.

“The team is buying into the changes, and it seems to be working well,” Mohre said. “It has all been positive changes so far. We are happy to see the changes because we want to win.”

Mikell Woodfield, one of the key players for the Wildcats’ last season, said she welcomed the new changes to the team and is confident it will improve this season.

“The new coach and the assistants are great people,” Woodfield said. “It is nice to have new changes. It is beneficial to the program to have new changes. I respect and believe in the new staff and am excited to work with them.”

She also said the coaching staff is helping the team improve off the court as well as on it.

“The coaches have a large amount of experience,” Woodfield said. “They are helping us to play to our potential, but also to be better people.”

Woodfield said she thinks the team is enthusiastic about the changes, which she said is really helping to bring the team together. She said she doesn’t feel the team will struggle with adjusting to a new coach and system.

“Not at all. The coaches are very likable. They are easy to get along with. It has been a smooth transition. Their positive coaching style has been a very good fit with the personality of the team.”

Mohre said the coach wants to hear from the players, that she is open to suggestions from the players. She said the situation and the atmosphere of the team has been very comfortable.

“We are very excited about the direction the staff is moving,” Woodfield said. “I have the utmost respect for the new coaches, and I am excited and grateful to work with them.”