WSU students attend Ogden Arts Festival

Weber State University students took in the eighth annual Ogden Arts Festival Saturday at the Union Station on 25th St. and Washington Boulevard.

Steve and Lynette Harkness — a couple and current students of Weber State University — attended the festival and said they liked seeing the different types of pottery that were presented. They also said they found the clay molding very interesting.

“There was a pottery booth with mugs and vases that had heads and faces coming out of them,” Steve Harkness said. “It was really interesting to look at because I had never seen anything like it before. I really liked the clay molding where the man was making molds of breastplates, and he had even made a mold of a woman’s pregnant stomach.”

Lynette Harkness said she liked that the festival showcased a variety of media.

“I liked having live music at the festival. It created a fun atmosphere, and I got to hear some new music I haven’t heard before,” she said. “I also liked all the booths that were set up for us to look at. … I think this festival really brings all the talent together that we have in our local area. It introduces new things to people and let people show off their skills and abilities. I think it brought a lot of different types of people together through dancing, music, painting, and all other types of art. I also think it was good that they had kids’ activities set up so it could be a family event.”

Steve Harkness said the festival informs everybody of the different types of art and different ways of expression, and that it allows for everyone to support the artists and their talents.

“I really loved the atmosphere of the festival being down on Historic 25th Street,” Lynette Harkness said. “It helped tie in art with the history of our area. I loved being able to look at all the different types of art and creativity we have in our area. I will definitely be going back next year.”

The event lasted all Saturday and was free to the public thanks to corporate sponsorships, grants, artist booth fees and Plein Air auction sales.  At 10 a.m. the festival opened at the Union Station Fountain Plaza and 25th St. with a food court, beer and wine garden, live music on two stages,  and kids ARTivities. Also at 10 a.m., Best of the Fest Films from Foursite Film Institute began at Browning Theater. The social hour and completion of the Plein Air silent auction in the Union Station Grand Lobby were at 5 p.m. Kids ARTivities began at 6 p.m. The festival closed with the final Best of the Fest Film at 8 p.m.